Emerging Themes and Priorities for Kirkfieldbank

Over the last few months, residents of Kirkfieldbank have been sharing their thoughts and ideas for the future of their community to develop a Five-Year Community-led Action Plan. The interviews, survey responses and comments collected so far have been analysed and three major themes have emerged. These are: 

  1. Traffic and Travel
  2. Maintenance and Improvements
  3. Community and Enterprise 

Some of the top priorities are to address traffic issues, develop an indoor place to meet and socialise, improve facilities at the top of the village and keep the village looking tidy and well maintained. Some of the most interesting proposals so far are to turn the pub or pavilion into a Community Hub / cafe, develop new signage and information boards that highlight walking routes, and points of local and historical interests, and develop a community garden at the top of the village.  

Next we will be talking to residents to gain a clear understanding of what actions are needed to address the priorities identified. To gather your ideas we will also be launching a new survey on the website that will ask the people of Kirkfieldbank how they want to improve their village. We want to know: How can we improve parking and traffic conditions in Kirkfieldbank? How can we reopen and better utilise the local pub? How can we brighten up the village and its buildings, keeping the streets, pavements, railings, and hedges tidy and well maintained?

If you have ideas for how to improve Kirkfieldbank please get in touch: chris@icecreamarchitecture.com 


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