What’s the future for Kirkfieldbank?

We received over 100 responses to our survey about living and working in Kirkfieldbank - thank you to everyone who took part! - and have analysed them to draw out the issues that came across most strongly and frequently.

Now we need your help to gather ideas about how to make Kirkfieldbank work better for the whole community.

Residents of Kirkfieldbank are being asked to take part in a new participatory planning process from March to September to identify their current priorities and future aspirations for their community.

The outcome of the planning process will be a new Five Year Community Action Plan that compiles your ideas and ambitions, along with practical projects and actions. This plan can be used by businesses, local groups, organisations and community members to initiate new projects, unite people around shared goals, bring in funding, and highlight local priorities to the council and politicians.

Click here to read a Draft version of the Action Plan.

This website acts as the hub of the project, where we want you to share your thoughts and ideas. We look forward to hearing what’s in store for Kirkfieldbank!