What’s the future for Kirkfieldbank?

The Kirkfieldbank Five Year Community Action Plan brings together the current priorities and future aspirations of those who live, work and visit Kirkfieldbank. It provides a framework that can guide community action over the next five years that will help Kirkfieldbank to address many of the issues and challenges it currently faces. It also highlights many ideas, projects and initiatives that have been developed by community members in order to make Kirkfieldbank an even better place to live.

Thank you to everyone who has helped support the development of this exciting new plan. You can find the full plan here and the summary document here.

The plan has been developed to act as a tool that can be used by businesses, local groups, organisations and community members to begin new enterprises, unite people around shared goals, bring in funding, and highlight priorities to local authorities, third sector support and politicians.

Delivering this plan over the next five years will require the engagement and activity of people working together to make things happen.

If you are keen to get involved please contact:

Elaine Richardson, Community Action Lanarkshire elaine.richardson@ruraldevtrust.co.uk or get in touch with the Kirkfieldbank Community Group kfbcommunitygroup@gmail.com

Hidden History Hunt - Kirkfieldbank Action Plan Launch Event!

To mark the launch of the Action Plan, a prototype of one one of the projects - a History and Educational Trail - has been installed in Kirkfieldbank Park.